Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boys Skull Cowel

Worsted weight on size 8 needles. Gauge- does anyone really check? I tend to be a loose knitter, if that helps. I used a bamboo/wool blend in a forest green.

c/o 38 stitches
work in k2p2 ribbing for 20 rows.
Row 21- continue k2p2 ribbing for first 8 stitches, knit until last 8, continue k2p2 til end of row.
Row 22- continue k2p2 rib for first 8, purl until last 8, continue k2p2 rib.
Row 23- Continue ribbing pattern first and last 8 stitches throughout chart. begin working skull cable chart. Start on WS (start w knit stitches)
After chart is completed, go back to regular ribbing across. Continue until piece measures 23.5 inches from cast on edge, then do a row of button holes. I did a y/o k2tog three times, evenly spaced, for the button holes. Continue in the rib pattern for another 5 rows, then cast off in pattern.

It *looks* like it came out great, but I won't know until Yule/Christmas morning when he can try it on!

I also made this very cute "Boy Hat" to match. The pattern isn't actually for a boy, but I used a size 5 needle instead of what was recommended and it's tight on my head, so I'm assuming it should fit him well. If it's too long, I can turn it up with a brim until he grows into it. Here's the pattern

I'm also working on a vertical striped vest (although the pic looks like it's horizontal, just turn your head to the side) that uses yarn from this project as well as yarn from a felted pub hat I made for him, so he can have some matchy-matchy stuff. So far it's coming along... This is the pattern

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