Thursday, November 29, 2012

Soap Sweaters

In addition to making some melt and pour soap, I made some little sweaters to go along with them. They were super quick to knit up and came out really cute! For those of you who are like my husband, these actually serve a purpose. They're like a washcloth with the soap inside. When you have all of those little chuncks of soap left, just stick them in the bag and no more waste! I modeled them after the following pattern, but I added a chained strap so they could hang in the shower to avoid muckiness. Also, instead of using a button I sewed in a snap on the inside. My husband was worried about folks washing their hoo-has with buttons. Very thoughtful of him ;-) The best part about this pattern is after doing one or two, you can really play around with different cables and other interesting stitches.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


In anticipation of the holidays, I am knitting like a fiend! I do wonder why I wait until the end of October to start knitting for the winter holidays, but it seems inevitable at this point. I'll start posting some of my finished products and their patterns as soon as I can. It might make me feel as if I'm accomplishing something; in reality, I just keep ADDING to my list at a much faster pace than I am crossing stuff off, but...

I've been knitting some dishcloths for gifts and just finished this one for my adult daughter who has been a Harry Potter fan since she could walk (that's not much of an exaggeration). I found this fabulous pattern here:

Here's the finished product!