Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nuno Felted Scarf

I finally tried my hand at Nuno felting! It's a Japanese art form that I think is very beautiful. You felt wool onto silk, changing the texture, creating ruffles, it's amazing. I bought a bunch of undyed playsilks off a co-op, dyed this one with red kool aid, and felted on a length of swirly wool with leaves. I made this one for my 17 year old daughter. It started out red, but after all the felting and soap, it ended up pink.

More Holiday Gifts

I have a ton of pics to take and post from all of the holiday gifts I made, but these are all of the projects I forgot to take pictures of:

I made several washclothes. We made some beeswax candles, a few are sand candles. I made a few pillows with some felt and essential oils. These can be used in drawers or closets to repel moths and for a touch of freshness. My oldest son and I made a recycled tee shirt bag, following this pattern. We used an old stained up white shirt (it wasn't really that stained), and my oldest son drew all over with with fabric pens. The pattern says to only stitch the bottom of the bag, great for those who don't have a sewing machine or serger, but I serged around all of the edges. Came out great!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Knitty Book

For Yule I made a knitted book for my littlest son. It was inspired by this pattern, though I deviated quite a bit. It has 8 pages of different knitted and crocheted stitches, includes things for him to lift up, different textures, colors, designs, velcro, ties, cables hugs and kisses, embroidery, and a little knitted bear that fits into a pocket.