Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sage's First Birthday

Due to my very strong political beliefs, we did not purchase any "objects" for Sage's birthday. (This is of course very easy to do with a baby, my anarchistic anti-capitalist views go out the window for the older kids ;-() I made him some very cool stuff though! I'm still finishing two projects, the quilt and bamboo bunny.

My first battle with fondant. Sage's birthday is near several holidays, so this year we themed it Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican flag is backwards because it looked better that way.

I also made a felted ball with some old wool sweater scraps. I dyed them with kool aid, seamed them up, and washed them repeatedly, then stuffed with bamboo stuffing.

I crocheted some Morroccas (sp?) with dishcloth yarn and a few jingle bells inside from this free Ravelry pattern

I made a large star shaped doll with organic bamboo velour and an old organic cotton shirt that was stained up. I cut out a star shape (you can find instructions online), seamed it up, turned it right side, cut a slit in the neck, took an old scrap from a t-shirt, stuffed it with stuffing, tied it off, put it inside the neck, stitched the neck by hand, painted the face with fabric pens, knitted a wool hat (the orange/red is hand kool aid dyed, the brown is natural undyed), and that's it!

This doll was similar, but I cut it out wrong somehow and ended up with the wrong shape. Waste not, want not! I made a triangular doll!

I also made a very large felt ball, like the ones I've blogged about in the past. The only difference is that this time i wrapped leftover wool scrap yarn around it in oranges and browns. It looks kinda cool but I can't find a picture, I swear I took one...

Wool, Wool, and More Wool!

A friend of a friend gave me bags and bags of raw wool. I will be making a futon, spinning some, and doing other various craft/art projects with the rest. The first thing to do is clean it all, which is a very big job! To clean raw fleece here's what I did:
1. laid it all out on a blanket and picked through to get rid of the clumps of poop and vegetable matter
2. filled up a bunch of lingerie bags from the $ store
3. used my grandma's top loading washing machine (front loaders don't have enough water)
4. soaked in hot water with Dawn dish soap (I don't know why Dawn, everyone just seems to think it's the best) DO NOT AGITATE!!!!
5. spin DO NOT AGITATE!!! Spinning is okay and won't felt your wool.
4 and 5 again. repeat
6. rinse in cold until water runs clear DO NOT AGITATE!!!
7. let dry in sun
8. made two "combs," basically make a T with cheap wood (one part for the handle, the other for the comb), drilled holes for long nails alternately spaced along one end.
9. combed the wool (videos on Youtube)
10. carded at the Eugene Textile