Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blooming Rose Necklace

I am completely in love with this project! In case anyone was wondering where I get my obsessive craft stuff from, that would be my mother. She went through a wool dying phase last year and dyed skeins and skeins of undyed (sort of white) wool with natural and edible things. In case you haven't tried it, wool is so fabulous and can be dyed with things like onions skins, walnut hulls, and even Kool Aid. (I am trying to convince myself that no one actually drinks Kool Aid; their customers are just all woolie folk buying it for smell good dye!)

Anyway, my mom gave me a bunch of her dyed yarn and last year I made a bunch of projects with it. I started this blooming rose for my daughter, but then I completely forgot about it until I was cleaning the drawers of the armoire and found it. Last night I finished it (really, a quick project). I did have some trouble rolling up the rose and my base is just a tad bit too big, but overall I think it's GORGEOUS! My daughter loves anything Victorian (obsessed) and she has the most beautiful, long neck. I think this is going to be beautiful on her! The rose is actually very large, about the size of my fist.

I used my mama's worsted weight purple'ish, rosey yarn with size 7 needles for the rose petals. For the base and leaves, I used Red Heart Eco Ways Bamboo/Wool in deep green. It is a fabulous yarn, but sadly, it appears to have been discontinued.
Pattern: http://voknits.com/blooming-rose/

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