Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kid's Cooking Set

My boys are very interested in cooking, so I decided to make them a cooking set for Yule! I made them aprons with some cheap fabric I got on sale. I am terrible with patterns, so I just winged it. The length is 19 inches, cut on fold for the first one, about 4 inches across the top (8 inches total), then I just cut down in a gentle slope until I had what looked like an apron. I seamed it up with double seams so there are no frayed edges, then attached some binding that I had laying around as the neck and waist ties. For the other one, I did not cut on the fold, then I added a panel in the center with the opposite stripe pattern. I did this to make it a bit bigger for my older son and to add some interesting detail. I made different sized pockets to make it a bit more fun, then puffy painted their initials on them. I would have liked to have used a contrasting color fabric for the pockets and binding, but I was in a rush and also trying to just use what I had on hand. I went to the dollar store and bought two holiday tins and two sets of measuring cups/spoons. They can keep their measuring set and apron in their tin. I used nail polish to put their initials on the measuring sets. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and picked out a kid's cookbook. Unfortunately, they didn't sell one kid's vegetarian book, but we can just modify as we need. All in all, this whole set cost me about $15 for both kids (they're sharing the book).

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