Monday, December 20, 2010

Only 5 days left!

I made a pillow from some raw/unwashed wool that was given to me. I cleaned it, hand carded it, and dyed it with food coloring. I wet felted a big piece then needle felted. I embellished with some embroidery, then turned it into a pillow by attaching it to some leftover flannel. Not sure which of the boys will get this one.

I used a McCalls pattern, which I totally hated, but the set came out cute. I couldn't understand the directions (not sure if it was me or the pattern), so I ended up with these extra pieces and just made a tail with them for dress up. I made a set for both boys. Aside from the pattern being a nightmare, the set came out really cute! They are meant to match a fancy wool pub hat I got for my husband a few years back (he wears it all the time).

I also made some super hero capes with their initials on them out of some extra fabric I had laying around. I cut out the initials from felt and embroidered them on. I made large rectangles, put seams on all sides, added a casing on the top, ran ribbon through for a tie, and added velcro around the collar since my boys can't tie bows yet. They came out really cute but were hard to get a picture of. Took me all of thirty minutes to make!

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