Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More holiday gifts!

I made a bunch of stuffies from a library book called, "Stuffies Only a Mother Could Love." I used craft felt made from recycled plastic and bamboo stuffing. I altered the patterns a bit. These were very quick to sew up!

I made my oldest son a doll to match his sweater.

I also made these for my boys from the same book.

This one is also from the book, but I adapted it a bit and turned it into a tooth pillow for my oldest boy. He's in K now so should be losing his first teeth soon.

My youngest LOVES horses, so I drew a pattern of a horse onto an old pizza box, cut it out and made this.

I also needle felted him a few horses. This is the second one I did. I love it! I used pipe cleaners as a base so that it would stand and be movable.

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