Friday, December 18, 2009

Felt Vest

I found a pattern in a library book a while ago that I've been wanting to try and I finally made the time! It's a recycled felted vest. I took an adult size wool cabled sweater, washed it a bunch of times (only need to wash once or twice in a top loader), cut the sleeves off, washed a few more times, needle felted some dinos and other embellishments, and VOILA! I did the dinos by using clip art templates of the three main dinos, then winged the rest, but you can use cookie cutters, whatever! It's VERY easy and fun. I do recommend using a needle felting tool that contains multiple needles, it takes way too long to use a single needle but was very quick with my new tool ;-) I need to clean up the edges of the sleeves, I think I might try needle felting some edging on.



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