Sunday, November 29, 2009

Felted Snake Boots!

I decided to make some felted boots, snake style, for my 3yo. I cut a pattern out of duckcloth (if you do this, make sure that it's large enough to account for shrinkage).

I started with this.

Then I laid out my wool, got my hands wet with soapy water, and went to work! After I was tuckered, I rolled them up in towels and washed them a few times, until they were the right size. I then shaped them by stuffing socks in them, let them dry. I cut down the center till about midway, added some buttons, elastic string, cut off the bottoms and added some leather soles, added the snakes and VOILA! C'est Fini!

For the Snakes- I used Lion Brand Fisherman's wool, kool aid kettle dyed green variegated, worsted weight, feltable wool, size 9 circ's.
For main body-
CO 4 (if i had this to do over again, I would cast on 8), work in I-Cord for length. Once you've achieved the length you want (accounting for a bit of shrinkage), begin the snake head. k1, m1 in each stitch till last stitch, k1 (-6 stitches), do one more row of i-cord, next row k1, m1 in each stitch till last stitch, k1 (10 stitches). Switch to stockinette stitch and work until snake head is correct size. Begin decrease. On rs, k1, k2tog till last stitch, k1. Next row P across. Next row continue decrease. Continue in this manner until there are four stitches left on a rs row. K2tog, leaving you with 2 stitches, on next rs bind off.
Then I made an underside to the head by co 4 stitches, work in i-cord for one row, k1, m1 in each stitch till last stitch, k1 (-6 stitches), work in i-cord k across for one more row, k1, m1 in each across till last stitch, k1 (-10 stitches), begin working in stockinette until it's almost as long as the first head, on rs k1, k2 tog till last stitch, k1. ws purl. rs, k1, k2 tog till last stitch. ws purl. next row, bo all stitches.
Tongue- Make a 2 strand i-cord of red for about an inch (I also used smaller needles, but use what you have around).
Eyes- make black x's over the eyes on the top side of your snake head.
Putting it all together-with snake head pieces right sides together and tongue placed in place with it facing inwards, stitch around the outside leaving an opening at the neck area. Felt as much or as little as you want.

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