Sunday, October 25, 2009

Holiday List

I hope this will grow, I also hope I will cross things off!

1. Felted ball tree ornaments (make felted ball, dye with Kool Aid, then wrap with beads/ribbon/whatever, make a loop at the top, and that's it!)
2. felted bowls for friends/family pattern here
3. several amigurumi (I have a great book, but I'm also going to do another one of the teratoma ones, I should blog about the one I already made!)
4. a few more washclothes (there's a garden pattern from Ravelry that I want to make for my mama)
5. bookmarks pattern here
6. afghan (SC all the way!)
7. homemade knitting needles (such as these and these
8. play yard play mat (similar to this
9. the quilt that I never finished for Ronan's b-day (vintage fabric, Humpty Dumpty)
10. a quilt for Wolfe (dinosaurs)
11. soft book with toys for the car
12. plasters for my mama
13. felted soaps
14. hand, Kool Aid dyed playsilks
15. Two wooden benches/storage things for the playroom that can use a playsilk as a canopy like this. Although this one will require hubby's help.
16. And something likethis. I made a small one but seemed to have lost it at some point. Probably find it after i make a new one.
17. Nesting Boxes
18. Knitting Book for Sage from
19. And this Waldorf doll for my son who LOVES babies!
20. Robin Eggs. Yes, my list is becoming endless.
21. Starting to laugh now, this list will keep me going for years!!! Rocks

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