Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Circus Striped Woolies

My mother started them, then I finished them, so this is a joint project ;-) My mom bought some organic wool on clearance, but they only had one skein of pink and one of blue. She bought them both and they came out really cute! I had enough left over to make a teddy bear to match. We don't use patterns for these, but basically it's k2p2 rib over the entire pants, knitted in the round top down. When you get the rise long enough, put half the stitches (-5) on a stitch holder and the other half (-5) on circs using magic loop or on dpns (I used dpns). The five stitches in front and 5 stitches in back, can be kitchenered together for a nice crotch (I would usually make a wider seam here, but the wool was super bulky so 5 stitches was wide enough). I used the stretchy bind off for the very loose, circusy cuff. I double strand chained some pink to make a stretchy belt. Since these were knitted top down, I can take out the bottom of the legs and add more as he grows. They are stretchy enough, thanks to the all over ribbing, that he will be able to wear these until he's at least 4 yrs old (at that point, they may be shorties). They are very easy to make. Maybe my description sounds complicated, but I think that longies are the simplest garment to make and I started knitting these up when I was still a very beginner knitter.

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