Saturday, February 7, 2009


I knitted some sweaters a while ago and forgot to post them here. The first is the first article of clothing I ever knitted. I love the way it came out! I used some yarn my mom gave me. Instead of adding snaps to the side, I chained four lengths that tie together. I think it's much cuter that way. Anyway, it was a very easy pattern and very quick to knit. Here's the FREE Lion Brand pattern- Hooded Baby Poncho

I then tried my hand a knitting another sweater. This pattern is from Ravelry (have to be a member to access patterns, but it is free). If you want the pattern, just search for Yoda Sweater. It was also easy. I adjusted the pattern a bit to make it fit an older baby. I do wish i had only made it longer though, it's quite wide. Again, I just used some gifted yarn because I really thought it wouldn't turn out so well. I just keep surprising myself ;-) I also made matching hat, mittens and booties. The booties don't stay on his feet though, so I definitely won't share that pattern!!!

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