Sunday, August 29, 2010


I made this headband from the DROPS Design pattern 86-10. I used black worsted weight acrylic yarn, from the stash my mama gave me. (I never buy acrylic, just using it rather than tossing it!) It was super easy and only took me a few hours to whip up. The only alteration I made was turning the inc to an M1. I haven't made any embellishments for it, such as a flower or something. I'm currently making some leg warmers and wrist warmers to go with it.

This pattern only requires the knitter to know basic increases (although I used an M1, so no holes), knit, purl, purl two together, and how to bind off adding the cast on edge (not totally necessary, you could just cast off like normal and seam them together).

Here's the pattern:

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