Friday, December 5, 2008

Wintery Goodies

I wanna know why only girls legs are supposed to be warm? I say this because everyone seems to sell leg warmers for baby girls but I can't find any for boys. Is that cause boys are supposed to be cold? I just think it's mean. I asked DH about it and he said that boys aren't supposed to wear leg warmers. I asked why, he, of course, couldn't answer. So I made some for my baby from alpaca that I bought on clearance. They are super soft and super warm. He can wear them under his wool sleep sack on those bitterly cold nights. I just did 10 rows of k1 p1 ribbing, knit in the round, then another 10 rows of ribbing. It was very easy and very quick. When I do more, I'll use a smaller needle size on the ribbing to make them a little tighter.

I also sewed a sleep sack out of soft, felted wool interlock. I did kind of a crappy job, but he's wearing it to bed and it was quick (under an hour with my mom's serger). It's super warm and I don't have to worry about him smothering himself in a blanket or leaking pee onto our bed. I purchased the fabric on sale so the entire project cost me under $10. I have the stuff to make another, just need to make the time now.

I was so impressed with the leg warmers, and so depressed that all of his woolies are shorties, that i decided to make leg warmers to attach to some of his shorties. I was originally going to just make them longies, but this will be quicker and he'll be able to wear them as shorties in the spring, providing they still fit, which they better ;-) I am turning one pair into longies, I was inspired, I'll post pics when they're done.

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