Saturday, July 5, 2008

Another First!

The great thing about learning something new is that, well, you're always doing something new! I have been so inspired by all of these beautifully embellished woolies that I thought I'd give it a try myself. The first thing I did was make some longies. This time, I made the ribbing (k2 p1) at the top very long so that he can grow into them. I can fold them down in the meantime. I also made them into pants, which I can roll up as shorts, but when he gets bigger, they'll just be shorties. 

This was also my first kool aid dye attempt. I tried to tye dye, it's been a while, so it came out looking kinda strange. I was disappointed, I wanted really bright colors, but because they looked weird I just kept adding more and more color until eventually I like them, though they are very dark. I used blue raspberry, cherry, and black cherry. 

Because they were so dark, I thought I'd do a light colored embellishment. After much searching, I found a very simple cross stitch cat pattern. To make it work for knitting, I doubled every 4th row (next time I'd do every third). I used a light blue color, which contrasts very well. As it turns out, I didn't do the duplicate stitching correctly, but it's still cute and I'm proud as it's my first attempt. Plus, it is still just a diaper cover. The picture looks a little strange cause the flash on the camera made visible the diaper underneath. IRL, you can't see the white dipe underneath ;-)

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